vineri, 12 iunie 2009


Sonata Arctica - Shy
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Isn't it obvious how people try to hide their feelings? You see them refusing to step out into the light and express themselves. Some of them because they're weak, some of them because they're haughty. But most of them because they're shy. Two blue eyes make me see a desire to burst out, yet a fear, a setback. A storm of blue thoughts. So this pair of eyes can only be shy, emotional, introspective. Look inside those flames. They're beautifully undiscovered!

2 comentarii:

  1. am o intrebare: tipu' e cum Paul Walker? sunt de obicei! imi place!o sa incerc sa-i mai ghicesc si pe ceilalti. see ya!:*:*:*

  2. Exact el e. Excellent guess..thx for the comments:*