miercuri, 10 iunie 2009


Within Temptation - Blue Eyes
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To me, blue eyes are life. In them I find the power to keep on loving. Or as Within Temptation say: Blue eyes just smile to the world...Full of dreams and with fascination. My first post presents you a pair of eyes that I consider very dreamy, yet extremely happy. It's as if they were smiling. If you recognize the person, you'll understand. Keep on laughing, my dear blue passions!

P.S. Hope to get many of you to love blue eyes...

Un comentariu:

  1. me like the blue smile and the blue innocence and the blue romantic...all in one if it can be possible...i'm dreaming! puiu din partea mea poti sa mai scrii inca vreo 20 de bloguri(ai despre ce) si tot o sa-mi placa:*:*:*:* si aveam dinainte boala ochilor albastrii:X see u next time