duminică, 21 iunie 2009


JAMELIA - See it in a boys eyes
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Each day I wake up and look outside. If my eyes meet a clear sky, the day can't be bad by any means. It's that blue, so peaceful, that makes me sure I won't have any problems. An optimistic, beautiful landscape. So I see into these eyes. A lot of good, positive feelings, clarity. No black clouds to darken the day or the soul. Just like the sky, blue eyes celebrate the best of our lives.

joi, 18 iunie 2009


L.A. Guns - Crystal Eyes
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To be seen, you must fight with the ignorance. To be heard, you have to defeat boredom. To be loved, it's imperative to let desire burst out. A lot of untold stories hide beneath these two blue wonders. And an enormous amount of desire, somehow hidden. Not only the desire to love, but to be free and fly as well. Inside I see a struggle with flaws. A desire of perfection. After all, blue eyes are unbearably impecable. A bluish desire is far more beautiful than the temptations that humans often fall for. It's to serene to be considered a sin.

luni, 15 iunie 2009


Take that- Rule the world
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Look up...do you see them? Yes, the stars, they shine. We're just human, so don't expect to understand the beauty beneath those cold, sparkling rocks. The universe has its wonders. And they all fit in just two blue eyes. This pair, that summons black holes, falling stars, bright rays of sun. And void. Blue, freezing, strong! In those eyes revolve all the planets. Supernovas explode, satelites move. And every day, the sky inside them is lightened by a cosmic blue.

duminică, 14 iunie 2009


The Verve - Bittersweet Symphony
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Whenever I feel gloomy, melancholic, sad, I eat something sweet. Especially chocolate. But I've found another way to solve my bitter problems. I just look at this pair of blue eyes. Their owner seems so very powerful, big and scary. Yet, all I see in his eyes is sweetness. Like a big blue candy bar. And I taste this delicious blue, as a child hurries to eat his melting ice-cream. These eyes just raise my happiness level. Aren't they sweet?

vineri, 12 iunie 2009


Within Temptation - Are You The One
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I can't help myself. I promised myself I wouldn't put these eyes on my page, but it's simply irresistible. I don't need to see them to know them. They're with me everywhere, in my thoughts, my dreams, my soul. The one pair of eyes that I love and always will. Only one gaze and I fell for them. The perfect blue of them all. To me, they express everything in one magical, mysterious and complete blue fire. Melting slowly, I offer you all the eyes that tore me apart. Love them as I do.


Sonata Arctica - Shy
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Isn't it obvious how people try to hide their feelings? You see them refusing to step out into the light and express themselves. Some of them because they're weak, some of them because they're haughty. But most of them because they're shy. Two blue eyes make me see a desire to burst out, yet a fear, a setback. A storm of blue thoughts. So this pair of eyes can only be shy, emotional, introspective. Look inside those flames. They're beautifully undiscovered!


Snow Patrol - Open Your Eyes
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Blue might be a color of peace, harmony and purity, yet it can express a lot of passion as well. Seduction is based mostly on gazes. These two eyes scream: Sensual! Matter of fact, so does their "owner". I see a lot of artfulness going on in its blue universe. This can definitely trick a girl. Blue refinement is a thing to love. Especially when it's so sexy.